Disadvantages, cons and rules of etiquette for talking
to girls on Russian social networks

Russian social networks

Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus women can be found on the following social network websites:

- Vkontakte.ru / vk.com - One of the most popular websites in the CIS countries.

- Odnoklassniki.ru - A social network for former classmates and friends from Ukraine, Belarus and Russian schools and Universities.

- My.mail.ru - A social network commonly used by those who have a mail.ru e-mail account in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Rules of etiquette for talking to girls on Russian social networks

- One of the basic rules of successful communication with a girl on a Russian social network website is: know the happy medium. There are two problems with online communication: it is either not enough or too much. You need to find a way for it to be just right. Many men admirers spend hours researching and talking to certain Russian, Belarus and Ukrainian women they like. If you notice that the girl you are talking to suddenly has to run or is busy with something, you need to look at the watch. Maybe the chat you’ve had was a little too long than needed. It is better to have frequent short talks than long ones.

- Another good rule is trying not to impose your ideas on the girl, whether they are about politics, religion, history or music. Everyone has certain tastes and opinions they like to express and talk about. However, discussing the same subject all the time is simply not appropriate. If you often post about how bad a certain politician is or what a great believer you are, it can become overbearing.

- If the girls say “no” or don’t reply, leave them alone and never bother them again.

- And lastly, always be careful about what kinds of pictures you post on a Russian social network website. A Russian woman would rather see you in a company of your friends or family, smiling and having fun than in a company of another woman, drunk or naked.

8 essential disadvantages and cons of Russian social networks:

1- You don't know anyone on it. Almost no Canadians, British, German, Italian, Americans or Mexican use it, and most Europeans have joined Facebook. You will not find anyone on there you know, and nobody will find you on there.

2- Odnoklassniki.ru, vkontakte.ru, vk.com and my.mail.ru are not a marriage, matchmaking or dating sites. That means not every Russian, Belarus or Ukrainian girl signed up on these sites have intentions to find foreign men/husband for dating and marriage.

3- You will need to contact thousands of women and spend tons of time to find a Belarus, Ukrainian or Russian woman who is willing to start a communication with a foreigner for dating and is not against cross-cultural relationships.

4- The no reply, blocking and reporting you for spam rates are really very high. As not every Belarus, Russian or Ukrainian girl on vkontakte.ru, vk.com and odnoklassniki.ru wants to communicate with a foreign man or seeking a foreign husband.

5- Language barriers may be another big disadvantage of using Russian social networks. As not every woman there can speak English, Spanish, German, Turkish or another foreign language.

6- To register on any Russian social network you need to indicate a valid and a real mobile phone number. If you skip doing so you will have no access to their services.

7- You are most likely being contacted by scammers there.

8- Russian social networks are now controlled by the Russian government. This is really serious. If you care about your privacy/security and you don't want a foreign government keeping information and extra tabs on you (which is much more than Facebook), avoid odnoklassniki.ru, vk.com and vkontakte.ru, at all costs.


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