10 gifts a Russian and Ukrainian girl will hate

gifts russian and ukrainian girl

We will talk about 10 gifts a Ukrainian and Russian girl will hate. Some of them are traditionally not given as gifts in Russia because of certain superstitions, others can simply be considered to be a display of bad manners.

1. A mug or a coffee cup

This is probably the most common gift one receives in Russia. If the mug is especially unique and tells a whole story about the two of you, then there is nothing bad about giving it. Otherwise it is too unoriginal.

2. A cactus in a pot

This gift definitely does not convey a message of love and devotion. If you want to make a good impression, avoid prickly plants in pots.

3. A gift card

Giving a gift card to a girl you like is not a smart idea, especially if you have just started dating. It is an impersonal gift, which tells her you are not interested in making an effort or taking your time to think about her gift. Cash is not a good option either.

4. Sleepers

Giving sleepers as a gift is a very bad omen in Russia. Sleepers are considered a symbol of death, and that is why if you don’t want your Russian girl to be upset, you should never give her this object.

5. Personal hygiene items

Giving her shampoo, cream, shower gel or soap (no matter how beautiful the wrapper is) is not recommended in any situation. For her it may not just be inappropriate but simply rude.

6. Kitchen utensils

First of all, no man can choose the right kitchen utensils or appliances to be 100% sure that his woman is going to like them and enjoy using them. Secondly, a gift should never remind her of cooking, scrubbing or cleaning. After all, not many men appreciate receiving a hammer as a gift.

7. Knives and sharp objects

In Russia it is believed that any sharp objects given as a gift are going to bring disagreements and misfortune.

8. Address and phone book

It is surprising that phone books are still available for sale. In our age of mobile communications there is no need to have phone number and even addresses written down. No matter how pretty it looks and how much you think she will like it, pass it by as a useless gift.

9. Cosmetics

Any gift that may remind a person about their physical defects or imperfections should be taken out of consideration immediately.

10. Digital scales

Digital scales may be evaluated as a hint that she needs to lose some weight. No woman will appreciate a gift like this.