Phrases that will melt your Ukrainian woman's heart

ukrainian woman

Of course just saying pleasant and kind words will not work like a magical spell if they are not confirmed by your actions and attitude. Here are some phrases that an Ukrainian woman will like.

“You made me discover and respect your culture”

You should show her that you respect her culture as often as possible, because it will build trust and make her look at many things in a more open minded way.

“You look very excellent in this…”

Ukrainian women pay a lot of attention to their looks, and that is why a complement like above will never be unnoticed. Though, if you want her to feel that you are frank and sincere, be very descriptive and exact. Say something like “You look very nice in this yellow dress. I love how it reveals your shoulders”. Remember even the most beautiful women are never totally happy with their looks, and that is why she will definitely value your appreciation and admiration for her attempts to look nice.

“Would you like me to teach you how to drive my car?”

Few girls in Ukraine can afford to have a car. That is why most young Ukrainian women living in a city use public transportation and hardly ever know how to drive. But, women are always attracted to men’s (toys), even more than to jewelry and expensive dresses. An offer to teach her how to drive a car shows that you are letting her be independent and if you offer her to drive (YOUR) car she will see that you are planning for your future together.

“I need to speak to you about something”

Though the above phrase is very businesslike and trusting at the same time. It is very good to say it regularly. It is always good to show her how much you need to talk to her and how much you trust her.