How to win a Ukrainian woman with words?

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We really ought to write the foreign men guide instruction to avoid annoying a Ukrainian Women during communication because there are definitely enough foreign men out there looking for a Ukrainian wife who want to make a good impression, but don't know where how start. Only a few men know some mistakes to avoid when corresponding with Ukrainian women. We have some tips for men who are looking for a future wife in a woman from Ukraine.

Like women anywhere, Ukrainian women dislike men that are unfaithful, dishonest, selfish or unreliable. Remember some Ukrainian women tend to dislike facial hair and are apt to avoid a man who is fat or obese. Though, these women are not disenchanted by a man who is 10-12 years older.

Because Ukrainian women are not that desperate to leave Ukraine at all costs, saying and writing wrong words will end in a very quick rejection. Before you decide to contact a Ukrainian woman, learn something about the culture. Start by studying what is considered normal, suitable and acceptable behavior in Ukraine and what is not. You will definitely find some very interesting stuff like that appearing in photos wearing shorts in bathroom is disrespectful.

Remember there is a strong western influence on today's Ukrainian woman. She sees western television, listens to western music and often eats Italian and Japanese foods. At the same time as a Ukrainian woman would never call herself a feminist, she is independent by fate and takes on many obligations and responsibilities as a normal course of life. To presume that a Ukrainian woman will be obedient and docile is a very big mistake. To command her in anything is a huge mistake. If you want something from a Ukrainian woman, just ask her and most likely you will get it.

Another mistake when corresponding with Ukrainian woman is to begin the email that starts with (Dear, Beautiful, Sweet, etc) and tell her you find her sexy. Remember the word (dear) in Ukrainian has a very intimate connotation and it is better leave it for when you know the Ukrainian woman better. Telling her she is gorgeous, beautiful or even sexy is another way of convincing her you want only one thing and are not interested in her as a future wife. When considering things that will make a Ukrainian woman feel (devalued), remember that trying to impress her with the properties you have will only make her feel you are trying to make her one of your assets or possessions.

Finally, if you desire to avoid annoying Ukrainian women during correspondence, make sure you never stop writing without an explanation. If you find she is not the one for you, tell her that frankly.

Some facts:

- Ukraine is more economically advanced than some of the third world countries where women seek overseas marriage. Many Ukrainian women are already educated and successful, and consequently they may not looking for immigrate for financial reasons. Therefore, the thinking goes, their intentions and motivations are honest and clean and they are not so likely to leave you alone, confused and crying at the airport when you find that she did not arrived.

- Ukrainian women are very proud of their country and believe that Ukraine is among the greatest (if not the greatest) country in the world.

- Any standard woman on Kiev and Odessa streets does not look flashy, but if you look at her close she has a reserved pure beauty.

- Read everything you can on the history and culture of Ukraine and stay away from people making stereotypical women in Ukraine, like Facebook posts, Youtube videos, etc … they are the lowest common detonator.

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