Interesting statistics about Ukrainian women

ukrainian women

Ukrainian women, like all women, normally have reasons for everything they do in their life. Unlike males, who often think generally and tend to simplify information; women are more personal in their approach to finding solutions.

Here are some interesting statistics:

1. 77% of Ukrainian women looking for foreign men are singles and have never been married.

2. 58% are younger than 29 years of age. Be very attentive with Ukrainian women who are over 29, and have never been married. These women have very realistic minds. They have learned so many lessons in their lives, and they may not be as simple as they might appear in the beginning.

3. 86% of women have university degrees and 9% even have two degrees.

4. 82% of women have no children.

5. Though almost all Ukrainian women in our agency work or study, only 30% of them have jobs connected with their diplomas. It is so difficult for a Ukrainian girl to find a well paying job. Consequently they have to take up any good paying job to survive. This is a clear indication that Ukrainian women are hard working and often have to rely on themselves in order to survive.

6. Why are they interested in men from other countries?

- 52% claimed that they are fed up with Ukrainian men.
- 64% believe that foreign men are family oriented and more serious about their role in family than men from Ukraine.
- 43% believe that marriage with foreign man will help them improve the quality of their and their future kids’ life.
- 98% will marry only when they know for sure they love the man.

Most Ukrainian women have had horrible and very bad experiences with Ukrainian men. They believe that foreign men are more family-oriented, more caring and serious in their life decisions.

7. When describing the kind of a man they are seeking, they used the following words:

- 78% of the women used the word (kind)
- 71% used the word (caring)
- 54% would like to find a man who is (loves children) and (family-oriented)
- 45% used the word (serious man)
- 31% are looking for fit men
- 5% would like to meet good looking men
- 2% mentioned the word (sexy)

These figures above were compiled from a survey carried out among our Ukraine girl’s clients and it is up to you to decide what they actually mean.

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