Ukrainian Women Characteristics

ukrainian women

- Ukrainian women can be brunette or blonde, usually thin and tall, and have a serious facial expression. They also have a very exceptional gait and are not as curvy as Latina's are. They spend countless hours on their clothing choices, make-up and hair.

- Many Ukrainian girls are taught a variety of things during their childhood, such as foreign languages, play musical instruments, dance, gymnastics and other sports. This is something that adds additional value to their inherent beauty and brings up such best qualities in them as love for work, reliability and responsibility. Many Ukrainian ladies are always busy with something and are very likely to achieve high-level executive positions at work.

- Ukrainian women are not bashful about their body figures. Younger women are not shy to dress in revealing clothing but are extremely composed. They take pride in themselves and have a (dress to impress) attitude about them. They will dress to the hilt for a trip to the grocery store. Appearance is very important to Ukrainian women.

- One of the highest merits of Ukrainian women is their persistence and the will to live in spite of the difficulties many of them face in their lives. The lack of affection and politeness on the men’s part does not make things any easier. If the girl is obedient, she can often be found in a situation where her husband takes advantage of her by making her take care of the family and work. Considering that many Ukrainian girls get married at a very young age (18-20), it is not easy for them to pursue their own career goals in life with a wrong husband. Though, in spite of all the difficulties, it is almost impossible to find a Ukrainian woman who gave up, did not adapt to her situation and made the best of it.

- Most Ukrainian women are highly educated and speak multiple languages. Also, close to 20% of them are smokers. Some Ukrainian women do drink vodka, but prefer wine and champagnes.

- A Ukrainian woman wants to be in a relationship where she and her husband do everything together. Ukrainian couples act as (couples), and this is a very important point for anyone from a western culture who is used to women acting independently. Ukrainian relationships are different, and you need to be aware that she will expect and want you to be her (second half) in every respect.

- Most of Ukraine's women claim the Ukrainian Orthodox faith, however only about half of them really practice it. They have a very traditional belief system and their definition of success is to be married and have children (this is predominantly the case in the rural parts of Ukraine, urban Ukrainian women care about their professional success as well). Ukrainian women have been in the workforce for a very long time because they had to, and still have to work, therefore being a housewife is regarded as a symbol of high status.

- Ukrainian women used to men who (take charge) in the relationship and care for them as tender, delicate women. They are used to men paying for them on outings, opening the door for them, helping them with their coat, and many other small, but very important ways that show them men’s love, and make them feel special and loved.

- Ukrainian women hold to the tradition female/male values and are attracted to men of the same ilk. They tend to lean towards men looking to settle down.

- Ukrainian women are not out for a man’s wallet, even though that is a bonus for them, however he must have a job. Men without jobs or some sort of financial stability will most likely not stand a chance.

- A Ukrainian woman is hard-working and intelligent. However, love and family will always come first, before a career, for the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian women.

- Ukrainian women are extremely sensual by nature but are at the same time girl-like and quite shy.

- Ukrainian women are attracted to men from several age groups and social statuses; but he must have the mindset that men and women are created as equal.

- In general Ukrainian women are attracted to men that are not Ukrainian. They do not care about race, nor body shape, as long as he is honest and polite. They like confident established men.

Comments from the web:

- I’m an Australian, and am swimming over to Ukraine right now after seeing the ladies on your site.

- The soft oval of their faces, fair skin, brown hair, small shapely lips, large and bright, expressive eyes ... Or vice versa - burning brunettes with white teeth, sun-touched skin, a soft sensual look and full lips. And between these two poles of beauty there are many other, but equally lovely options. And what a waist a Ukrainian woman has. What lovely curves! In the West, no kind of selection was able to develop such a thoroughbred beauty. After all, even the stout Ukrainian women have the waist, which western women sought at surgeons working with their lower ribs.

- Ukrainian women basically just Slavic. They tend to be darker than other Slavic groups like Poles. I don't think Ukrainian women are as blonde as they are stereotyped to be, but many of them are blonde. They don't look like North Europeans or Scandinavians, though. You can often tell when someone is Ukrainian if they look European, but something about them is exotic and very interesting looking.

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